As a lifelong musician and player of electric instruments, I always wanted my own handcrafted tube amplifier wired point-to-point, rather than a production line model built with printed circuit boards and other cost saving measures. Since they were well beyond my budget, I decided to build one myself. In the process, I discovered designing and building amplifiers to be the crossroads of many passions: music, mathematics, electronics, acoustics, and woodworking. Realizing that many musicians would love to own a custom made hand wired tube amp, I founded Fredrik Amplifiers.

As a lifelong lover of Mother Earth and nature, I decided that Fredrik Amplifiers would be as green as possible by using ecologic materials and methods: sustainable lumber such as pine and poplar, environmentally safe products over harmful ones such as shellac over polyurethane or lacquer, and lead-free solder and RoHS compliant electronic components.

If you are a serious musician searching for an affordable handcrafted Earth friendly amplifier that delivers trascendent tube tune, you have found it - Fredrik Amplifiers - boutique quality within the working musician's budget.