The Fredrik Mini5F1 delivers Transcendent Tube Tone in a tiny package! This 12" wide, 11" high authentic tweed amp is perfect for the studio, living room, office, or anywhere you want big sound without the big box. With high quality components, including JJ-Electronic vacuum tubes, Sprague-Atom capacitors, and a mighty six inch Jensen, it sings loud and proud! But with a carefully selected low-microphonic preamp tube in a shock mounted tube socket with shielded input, it's extremely quiet when idle.

5 Watts
Solid State Rectifier
JJ 12AX7 Preamp/Driver
JJ 6V6S Power Amp
Jensen Mod 6-15 Speaker
12"  by 11" by 7.5"
  1. Mini5F1 - Brown
    Mini5F1 - Brown
  2. Mini5F1 - Brown 2
    Mini5F1 - Brown 2
  3. Mini5F1 - Brown 3
    Mini5F1 - Brown 3
  4. Mini5F1 - Beige
    Mini5F1 - Beige
  5. Mini5F1 - Beige 2
    Mini5F1 - Beige 2

The Duluxe is my rendition of the legendary tweed 5E3, but with a dual personality. Using a switchable negative feedback loop, this amp's sound instantly transforms from rough and raw 5E3 growl to classic clean tweed tone. 

12 Watts
JJ 5Y3S Rectifier
JJ 12AX7 Preamp
JJ 12AX7 Driver/Inverter
JJ 6V6S (2) push pull Power Amp
Jensen 12" Special Edition Speaker
19"  by 15" by 9"

  1. Duluxe - Brown
    Duluxe - Brown
  2. Duluxe - Brown 3
    Duluxe - Brown 3
  3. Duluxe - Brown 2
    Duluxe - Brown 2
  4. Duluxe - Finished Poplar
    Duluxe - Finished Poplar
  5. Duluxe - Finished Poplar 2
    Duluxe - Finished Poplar 2
  6. Duluxe - Finished Poplar 3
    Duluxe - Finished Poplar 3

This represents my quest for 'the ultimate amplifier', possessing all the features of an amp worthy of the title 'Flagship'. Simple, quiet (when idle), with plenty of headroom, and with features that working musicians appreciate.

Virtual Line Out: Onboard microphones with an XLR input allows for direct connection, delivering your awesome tone directly to a mixing board or other devise.

Cooling Fan: Keeping the chassis cool extends the life of the tubes and other components, and allows for smooth operation under the most extreme conditions. Operated with an independent power switch, it can be disengaged when recording, or in other situations where minimal background noise is required.

15 Watts
JJ 5Y3S Rectifier
JJ 12AX7 parallel triode Preamp
JJ 12AX7 Driver/Inverter
JJ6V6S (2) push-pull Power Amp
Celestion Eight 15 (2) parallel Speakers
19" by 15" by 9"
  1. Flagship
  2. Flagship - VLO & ICS
    Flagship - VLO & ICS
  3. Flagship 2
    Flagship 2
  4. Flagship 3
    Flagship 3
  5. Flagship - VLO
    Flagship - VLO

Amplifier Cosmetics Options

Beige (a light, blond shade)
Brown (similar to vintage tweed amps)
Bronze (a dark, rich, amber color)

Grill Cloth
Oxblood (used in vintage tweed amps)
Black (for a darker twist)
More options are coming! All Fredrik amps feature an easily removable grill cloth assembly, allowing you to instantly change its color, and the overall look of the amp, whenever you wish.

Lamp Jewel
Amber, Blue, Clear, Green, Purple, Red, Violet, White

Volume and Tone Controls
Black, Onyx, Blue, Bronze, Brown, Cream, Glow-in-the-Dark, Gold, Hot Pink, Light Green, Navy Blue, Orange, Purple,
Red, Silver, Tan, True Green, White, Yellow, Yellow Gold

Preamp Tube Shields
Aluminum, Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow


Do you dream of an ideal amplifier, but can't find it? After years of playing through different amplifiers, musicians often come to long for an ideal amp, with every feature they desire, but free of all the ones they don't. Finding that no one makes that exact amp, they compromise. To get the features they desire, they pay for extras they don't want, and often get an amp with cosmetics they don't care for.

I started Fredrik Amps by making custom amps for working musicians: listening to them and finding out exactly what they wanted. If you have come to envision an ideal amplifier and would love to see it built, let me know about it. You'll be surprised with how much can be accomplished at working musician's prices.
  1. Tweed Color Options
    Tweed Color Options
  2. A Flagship Chassis
    A Flagship Chassis
  3. Birth of an Amplifier
    Birth of an Amplifier